Amebiasis is a disease which is caused by amoeba. An amoeba is a single-celled microscopic organism that has no solid body structure. Amebiasis is contracted by consuming contaminated food or water containing the cyst stage of the parasite. It can also be spread by person to person contact.Simply said, Amebiasis is an intestinal illness caused by a microscopic parasite called Entamoeba histolytica. The other names of Amebiasis are Amebic dysentery and Intestinal amebiasis.




The following are the two types of Amebiasis.These include:




It’s another name is encapsulated form. This type of Amebiasis can survive outside the human body because of its protective covering. In the digestive tract the cysts are transported to the intestine where the walls of the cysts are broken open by digestive secretions, releasing the mobile trophozoites.





It is another type of Amebiasis. The trophozoite form can’t survive once excreted in the stool and therefore can’t infect others. The trophozoites may remain inside the intestine, in the intestinal wall, or may break through the intestinal wall and be carried by the blood to the liver, lungs, brain, or other organs.




Amebiasis is an infection caused by the protozoal organism E histolytica, which causes colitis and liver abscess. Amebiasis occurs when a person swallows microscopic cysts containing the parasites. The cysts may be in contaminated food or water. Transmission generally occurs through ingestion of cysts from food or water contaminated by feces. All household members should have their stools examined because person to person transmission can occur. . During our life cycles, the amebas exist in two very different forms.These are as follows:


* Cyst


* Trophozoite




Most of the time Amebiasis symptoms do not occur. When symptoms do occur, the parasites have already invaded deeply into wall of the intestine. The following are the some common symptoms of Amebiasis.Such as:


*Abdominal pain


*Rectal pain







*Bloody stool










*Liver abscess


*Lung abscess


*Loose stool



*Stomach pain


*Stomach cramp


*Bloody stool




*Mucous diarrhea


*Abdominal discomfort


*Bloody stool








Anyone can get Amebiasis, but it can be reduced by taking regular treatment. The choice of drug depends on the type of clinical presentation and the site of drug action (in the intestinal wall versus inside the intestine itself). The drugs for Amebiasis are as follows:










*Diloxanide furoate.


The Amebiasis sufferers must use the above drugs as per their physician’s suggession,because these drugs have side effects.




Herbal treatment is the best treatment for Amebiasis.This treatment has no side effects. so Amebiasis sufferers can get quick cure through this treatment.




It is the best herb for Amebiasis.The Amebiasis sufferers must take 30 drops of chaparro amargo with water in the morning and 30 drops before the last meal of the day, for seven days straight. After taking a seven day break from the treatment, it is resumed for seven days. Some mild cramping may be felt; this means that the amoebas are dying and will be expelled from the body.




We can avoid Amebiasis by following some preventive measures.These are :


Avoid unsanitary water supplies.


When we are in traveling, we must avoid food that is not cooked or peeled.

 Protect food from feces, flies, and contaminated water.

When we are in camping, boil water for 5 minutes or treat it with disinfectant tablets. (Adding chlorine to the water will not kill the parasite, but Globaline tablets and iodine will.)


Washing hands after defecation and before preparing or eating food




The following tips help to get remedy from Amebiasis infections.These are:


*Thoroughly cook all raw foods.


*Thoroughly wash raw vegetables and fruits before eating.


 *Reheat food until the internal temperature of the food

 reaches at least 167º Fahrenheit.


*Uncooked foods must be avoided, particularly

 vegetables and fruit, which cannot be peeled before eating.


*Unpacked drinks and ice should also be avoided.

Food handlers should always use disposable paper towels or an air dryer to dry their hands. Generally, cloth towels are not recommended as they can spread germs from one person to another.





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